Italy | USA
8 min
HD video, stereo, color

commissioned by The New Yorker

6 min
HD video, stereo, color


No vision of lush, far-off countries.
No feeling of brown, vivid women
dancing slowly out of falling garments.
No wild, unheard-of melodies.
No songs that issued from the blood,
no blood that screamed out of the depths.
No brown girls who stretched
velvetlike in tropical exhaustion;
no eyes that blazed like weapons
and the broad mouth shaped for laughter.
And a bizarre accomodation
with the light-skinned humans' vanity.
And it made me shudder seeing that.
O how much truer are the animals
pacing up and down in their steel cages,
unrelated to the antics of these new strange
beings, which they do no understand;
and they burn out softly like
a silent fire and subside into themselves,
indifferent to the new adventure
and alone with their untouchable blood.
– THE ASHANTI (Jardin d'Acclimatation) by Ranier Maria Rilke


GOOD KID is a contemplation on captivity.
In Ethiopia, the lion is the premiere symbol of strength and dependability. In the last two years, tens of thousands of young people have been jailed due to protests against land seizures by the government. What does it mean to imprison the strongest of a society ?

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